Ayurveda for Autumn balance

Vata season

In Ayurveda autumn is also known as Vata season, or dry season with cold, drying winds and unstable weather patterns. Time for warm, spiced foods, hot herbal teas, promoting moisture and heaviness by using extra oil in cooking and on the skin, fresh air and regular exercise such as Pilates. Maintain a regular schedule of sleeping and eating.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian holistic science of health, dating back 5000 years. Prevention being key, Ayurveda provides food and lifestyle guidance on maintaining physical and mental health. According to Ayurveda we are made up of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space and the combination of these elements give rise to three doshas:

Vata (air/space)
Pitta (fire/water)
Kapha (earth/water)

Usually one or two doshas dominate in a person and make up their constitution. Once you know your predominant dosha, you can follow the food and lifestyle routines that fit your mind/body constitution to ensure physical and mental balance.

Hidden Tuscany Pilates retreat 7-14 May 2019

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Glorious roasted pumpkin soup recipe

Fitting in with the Vata diet of hearty, grounding soups and Halloween, here is the link to my favourite pumpkin soup recipe. Enjoy!

Ariadne x