2020 Retreats launched!

Imagine yourself lounging in the sunshine by the pool, surrounded by lemon trees, admiring the endless views over the Tuscan hills.... Or relaxing on deck of a spacious yacht, the sun rays tickling your nose and the sea air lulling you into a blissful calm... Well, we...

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How is Pilates different from yoga?

Many people will group Mat Pilates and yoga in the same category, since they're both (usually) done barefoot, on a Mat, in a studio, and have a general focus on lengthening and breathing. But, the similarities pretty much end there! While yoga is more about...

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The Plank

One of the most popular moves in Pilates is “The Pilates Plank”, a classic exercise used to strengthen and elongate arm and abdominal muscles. The Plank can be modified in many ways and is easy to do, making it an effective exercise for anyone, even if you don't...

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Pilates & Sailing retreat

LOVE Pilates and always wanted to try SAILING? Read on! This summer you can join a spacious 53 foot sailing yacht with comfortable double ensuite cabins. Departing from Lymington you will be sailing into the beautiful Solent and stay somewhere different every...

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Pilates gives ironman star the edge

If you thought that Pilates was a Zen-based activity for women, ironman Kendrick Louis wants to have a word. Louis credits regular reformer Pilates classes at Vive Active in Brookvale for helping him go from No.5 to No.1 in the ironman series. As a result...

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Ayurveda for Autumn balance

Vata season In Ayurveda autumn is also known as Vata season, or dry season with cold, drying winds and unstable weather patterns. Time for warm, spiced foods, hot herbal teas, promoting moisture and heaviness by using extra oil in cooking and on the skin,...

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